Our Stories


“It was so cool to meet people with really big jobs who have other things they could be doing that night. The people I met were really interested in learning about me. I know that the money they raised will help a lot of kids at Covenant House. I like that. I definitely want to be a part of another Sleep Out, especially knowing that I am helping to make a difference for a lot of people.”


“The Sleep Out experience took a toll on me physically, but the real battle is a mental one. The experience led me to get more proactively involved in the cause. I have a desire to provide a better life for our city’s youth and show them that someone loves them.”


“Having to think, plan and prepare for sleeping in the bitter cold, made me realize how truly blessed I am, and that I want to do everything possible to end homelessness.”


“It’s occurred to me just how much these kids are LIKE MY OWN CHILDREN. Same age. Many of the same attributes. My stomach gets twisted and my heart aches when I think about their challenges.”


“These kids have faced challenges in their lives that most of us will never know. Those challenges have made them distrustful, angry, hopeless and depressed. The same challenges have shaped them into mature, well spoken, persistent fighters.”


“I lost my younger brother to the perils of the street some years ago. I know that there is much more to helping people than just food and shelter. The dedication and passion the Covenant House staff have for their work is inspiring, and my view has been expanded by all the amazing recovery and rehabilitative work that Covenant House does.”