“The Covenant House Sleep Out is a powerful movement on behalf of homeless kids. We talk about courage so often in sports, but it is the kids who survive life on the streets and turn their lives around at Covenant House who show real courage.”

– Brian Cashman, SVP, General Manager

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“Our goal for the Sleep Out is not to pretend we were homeless, but to raise money that goes directly for food, clothing, shelter, medical attention, education, job training, and short and long-term housing for homeless kids.”


– Audra McDonald, Actor

“Homelessness is a sign of the failure of the promise of America. And homelessness amongst our youngest citizens is an especially tragic failure. As a society, we must restore this promise. I promise to do what I can.”
– Denis O’Hare, Actor


“We at The Meatball Shop have been working with the kids from Covenant House, giving them jobs and role models to look up to. Giving back to the homeless teens of NYC is a special part of my life and business. I sleep out to encourage that we
take the time to recognize that life is precious, sometimes we take it for granted, I sleep out so that kids don’t have to. I believe the homeless youth of our cities deserve attention.”
– Michael Chernow, Co-Owner, The Meatball Shop

“Deciding to participate each year is very natural for me. The initial honor of directly interacting with these young adults leaves one deeply impacted and changed forever and thus, our basic sense of humanity pulls us back again and again.

– Jeffrey Kaplan, Partner, Deerfield Management


Sleep Outside So Homeless Youth Don’t Have To

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